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Our advantages

For the agency

Profit Management. You get €50 per month for each registered candidate while they are active. And you also independently set the cost of the assignment letter for your clients, thereby adjusting your monthly profit.

Increase in clients. We officially place your clients in high-paying jobs with decent working conditions. They remain satisfied, contact you again and recommend to others.

Good reputation. We guarantee social protection of personnel, 100% payment of salary, processing of all documents in accordance with the laws of EU countries.

For the workers

Totally official. We apply for employment under an employment contract and prepare a complete package of documents.

Financial security. We guarantee official payment of salary to a bank card. We provide full medical insurance.

No risk of deportation. We have all the tools that reduce these risks to zero. We work with professional lawyers in EU countries.

For employer

Saving time. We save the partner’s time, which he would spend on preparing documents for the legal work of an employee in his company.

Increasing profits. Through reduction of the employee’s salary tax rate due to A1 / business trip from Poland.

Exclusion of responsibility. The employer’s company does not bear any legal responsibility – the legal department of our company is responsible for the employee’s registration. In addition, if necessary, we provide free legal advice.

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