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If you are looking for a job, we suggest you contact our company. We will help you find one or another job. In order for us to be able to help you, you need to complete your resume. In it, you need to indicate your education and work experience in different or in the same field of activity. Based on your resume, we select a job or connect you with an employer.

Further, taking into account the individual approach, taking into account the candidate’s education, professional skills and work experience, we create a resume. We provide the most complete information and consultation. We also provide full support and information about potential employers or work.

After the employee has decided on his future job, employer and work, he agrees on the number of working hours per day, accommodation and food, clothing, days off, the city of travel to the workplace. Then we organize the logistics, namely, the employee’s journey to the employer.

After the employee has agreed on all the details with our manager and all that remains is to leave for the workplace, we issue it and prepare a package of documents according to the list that is displayed on the website (Travel letter A1).

Arriving at the workplace, the employee begins to perform his duties, which were specified in the previously transferred documents.

The function of our firm is that if a worker performs our construction work, we advise him on all the details regarding the payment of wages, vacations and the like. If he works for another employer, not with us, accordingly, we indicate that he already coordinates all the details of his stay and work with his employer.

If the employee works for another employer and his documents expire, he also contacts us in advance and we prepare new documents for him, since the A1 document package is issued for only three months. Also, when the visa expires, we also help with an invitation to work.

If, after working for a certain period, you want to legalize in Europe, in particular in Poland, we help and advise you on submitting a residence card.

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More than 300 companies from the European Union calmly work with us and rejoice in the successful development of their business.

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Totally official. We apply for employment under an employment contract and prepare a complete package of documents.

Financial security. We guarantee official payment of salary to a bank card. We provide full medical insurance.

No risk of deportation. We have all the tools that reduce these risks to zero. We work with professional lawyers in EU countries.

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