Our company is engaged in construction services and the search for personnel of various professions in EU countries

  1. Clinker facade works and industrial climbing
  2. Plumbing
  3. Repair of apartments and premises
  4. Concrete fitter
  5. Masons
  6. Installers of solar panels
  7. Employees for logistics warehouses
  8. Employees for plants and factories
  9. Cleaners
  10. Cooks
  11. Earth works, road works
  12. And other employees
  • We select candidates for the order of the Employer in the EU from the following countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Turkey and others.
  • We provide an invitation to work
  • We accompany the employee to the place of work
  • We organize and provide advice on accommodation and getting to the workplace
  • We are drawing up a legal package of A1 documents from a Polish company.
  • We manufacture insurance, provide logistics
  • Our company performs construction works in the countries of the European Union. Namely, external and internal construction works

Partners who trust us

More than 300 companies from the European Union calmly work with us and rejoice in the successful development of their business.

Our advantages

For employer

Saving time. We save the partner’s time, which he would spend on preparing documents for the legal work of an employee in his company.

Increasing profits. Through reduction of the employee’s salary tax rate due to A1 / business trip from Poland.

Exclusion of responsibility. The employer’s company does not bear any legal responsibility – the legal department of our company is responsible for the employee’s registration. In addition, if necessary, we provide free legal advice.

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