How to issue a criminal record certificate in Poland?

A certificate of absence (or presence) of criminal records in Poland is an official document that confirms whether a person has unpaid or unsettled court decisions. Each country issues its own criminal record certificate, which covers only the territory of that country. Therefore, if a person has been in the territory of several countries, he needs to obtain a criminal record certificate from each of these countries if he plans to obtain citizenship, work in a certain position or carry out other legal procedures. In addition, these certificates must be properly legalized or obtain an apostille, which can only be done in the country that issued the document (in certain situations only at the consulate).

Do you need a certificate of criminal record in Warsaw? No problem! We will be happy to help you get it so that you can save your time and money on trips abroad. The certificate of criminal record in Poland is issued in Polish and contains important information about you, including the date of verification, foreign passport number, surname and first name, father’s and mother’s name, mother’s maiden name, date and place of birth, as well as information about the presence or no criminal record and the register in which the check was carried out.

We understand that every detail is important, so we make sure that you receive complete and accurate information. The legislation of Ukraine allows you to have two valid foreign passports, so in order to get a certificate of criminal record in Poland, you must indicate the one you used during your stay in Poland.

Please note that the certificate of criminal record in Warsaw looks just like a white A4 sheet, but contains 5 wet seals and stamps and the signature of an authorized person. An apostille on a certificate of criminal record from Poland is affixed on the back of the certificate by pasting a special sticker with an apostille stamp. Our company will be happy to assist you in preparing a certificate of criminal record in Poland so that you can receive it conveniently and quickly.

Obtaining a certificate of no criminal record from Poland may become a necessity in many cases, for example, when traveling abroad, processing documents for citizenship or when carrying out certain types of activities. To obtain such a certificate, you must have the following documents:

  • foreign passport, under which you were in the territory of Poland;
  • Internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • Maiden name and mother’s name;
  • If the customer is a married woman, then her last name before marriage;

It is important to keep in mind that the process of obtaining a certificate of no criminal record from Poland may take some time and requires the appropriate preparation of documents. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and problems, we recommend that you seek help from specialists in this field, who will provide the necessary advice and help with the preparation of documents.

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